Rachael Yamagata

Hi Rachael! what is your show in MD on 2/24th going to be like? already got my tickets but being the only show that starts at 1pm on your list I'm just curious how it will be different and wondering what to expect! thanks! -Cam

Rachael Yamagata responded on 02/18/2018

Rachael may not see this message in time to respond before 2/24. However, we can advise that the Annapolis show will be the same as all the other shows on the tour just happening during the daytime. It is a matinee show in order to get on the Rams Head On Stage schedule that date.

Rachael's Songs. Stories. Solo. tour consists of her performing her songs completely solo. Vocals, piano, and guitar. She also weaves stories about the songs, her songwriting process, and life on the road in between the song performances. Finally, there are visuals projected behind her that add context to the songs.

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