Rachael Yamagata

Hi Rachael, I love your music (Be Be Your Love), and am looking for ways to see you during a live performance. I see that you've got some northeast coast performances with Skylark, but with several other performers so am concerned you won't get much airtime. The Woodstock, NY venue looks most convenient, but would love to learn whether this might be the best place within the next 6 months or so. I also want great seating. Please let me know.

Rachael Yamagata responded on 08/29/2017

Hi, Gary.
The Skylark series of shows are special evenings curated and coordinated by Amy Helm. Rachael is a featured singers but will not be doing her own set, she'll be participating as part of the all-female Skylark band/singers. It is most certainly going to be a special evening but not a regular Rachael Yamagata show/set.

Keep your eyes peeled for future northeast U.S. dates in 2018 hopefully. When future dates are confirmed they'll be announced via the mailing list.

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